Amy Williams

Ask Amy her thoughts on risk, and she’ll answer one of two ways. The first? That risk is a natural (and needed) part of the innovation process. The second? That not all risk has to involve large-scale efforts that take years of planning and cost millions dollars. Instead, it’s the small processes she believes have the power to either chip away at a company’s morale or propel it forward—it’s just a matter of perspective and leadership.

For 20 years, Amy has helped organizations big and small get the most out of their people, removing obstacles that get in the way of their best work and building teams that come together to create engaged cultures. Her human resources background—she was the director of HR for a national internet service provider—gives her insight into strategies that work in practice, not just concept, and today she puts that know-how to use by coaching executive leaders looking for accelerated career growth. She’s wise enough to know that the true key to success is risk, so the mantra she urges clients to adopt is the same one she follows herself, both as a consultant and as a painter: Buck rules. Embrace failure. See what transpires.