becky crump

Between the script-writing and video shoots, the health consulting and keynotes on workplace wellbeing, the communications strategy and content curation, it’s easy to think Becky is a generalist.

But she’ll set you straight: she’s focused on shifting human behavior, matching story to audience and inspiring change through targeted messaging.

Frontier Media's chief, Becky specializes in making the unsung small stories bigger and more impactful, and making big stories smaller and more digestible. She’ll find the optimal path from intention to articulation. Or said better: she’ll help you figure out what you want to say, what audience you want to engage, and then activate the elements that will help you say it in a way that resonates and drives meaningful change.

She’s as good at it as anyone we know. Probably because her past life as a local forager for an organic grocer sharpened her eye for authenticity (she traipsed through farms for the best and truest). Or because her current life as a health coach and integrative nutrition graduate student has her constantly asking how she can educate and inspire people to replace their habits. Or maybe it’s due to her comfort both in front of and behind the camera.

Most likely it’s because her acute eye for a good story and her passion for a well-world get sharpened every time she rises in the morning to a toddler and four step-daughters.

If passion’s a byproduct of excellence, Becky’s as passionate as they come. See for yourself here.