Britt Flippo

Ask Britt what her dream job is, and she’ll jump in quickly: the director of an innovation lab, where anything goes and risks are required. This might be a banal way to kick off our associate consultant’s bio, if it didn’t so brilliantly sum up her approach to solving sticky dilemmas.

Her infectious go-getting pluck—she’s just as comfortable spit balling big ideas behind the scenes as she is coaching Fortune 500 companies to embrace better work/life strategies—comes both naturally and through experience. Her most recent gig had her working alongside consumer goods companies to design better, more innovative products that makes the lives of parents easier. Before that, she cut her teeth at a national PR firm, first in San Francisco managing campaigns and communities for some of the country’s hottest food brands, then in Washington D.C. tracking the changing tides of healthcare communications for key government agencies.

She’s a West Coaster at heart but an East Coaster by birth, and her rural roots shine when she starts chatting angling techniques. Pond fishing, deep sea fishing, off-shore fishing—if Britt’s got her gear and spunky golden retriever, Willa, in tow, she’ll drop a line wherever. And if you happen to catch yourself in a meeting with her, don’t be afraid to crack a joke—she’s a self-proclaimed goof with dreams of writing for Saturday Night Live.