Cameron Huston

If ever a person were called to make order out of chaos, it’s Cameron. A researcher at heart, Cameron approaches everything she does through the lens of the scientific method: Formulate a hypothesis. Test out a slew of ideas. Pinpoint what works and what doesn’t.

She comes by this trial-by-error mentality naturally. As a neuroscience undergraduate, Cameron analyzed how people learn best, specifically how people perceive information given to them and what they do with it afterwards. (The title of her thesis? Bimodal Synchronization of Auditory Learning.)

Her penchant for build-test-learn methodology makes her a perfect fit for Frontier Press, which thrives on lean and nimble processes. As producer, Cameron maintains both a bird’s-eye view of the team’s workload and an in-the-weeds perspective on each project. In other words, she ensures every detail on every project is done by the right person at the right time.

No sweat for someone who fearlessly tackles high-intensity obstacle course races and endurance challenges, including GoRuck, a 14-hour team event modeled after special forces training. She’s won four Civilian Military Combine races up and down the East Coast and speaks fondly of each soul-testing endeavor. (Don’t make assumptions about her personality based on this fact; she’s also one of the friendliest, most enthusiastic and unassuming people you’ll ever meet. And she loves Taylor Swift.)

When she’s not testing her own limits or making sure the Press team is delivering on its deadlines, Cameron is hitting the trails, capturing her view of Richmond on Instagram, and showering love on seven nieces and nephews.