chris porter

Spot Chris sketching at a coffee shop or wired in to his design suite at the Frontier studio, and you can guess what he’s doing: making order from chaos, bringing clarity to content.

Don’t let his easy-going manner fool you: Chris oversees a meticulous workflow, generating graphic design with pixel-perfect precision, elevating client work to the level of artistry. He can also talk to you for a lunch hour about the baroque virtues of Caslon. And if you’re lucky, you’ll see him at work in the physical world, stepping away from the screen to the letterpress, swapping digital ink for the real thing. (Some client work demands an artisanal touch, too.)

When his hands aren’t on a keyboard or inkwell, they’re holding a symphony program or hauling a picnic basket through Belle Isle. Agree with him about Caslon and he’s likely to invite you along.