Doug Greenberg

Doug abides by a few closely held mantras, but there’s only one that fuels his career every day: always do work you can be proud of. With a no-nonsense yet friendly nature, he’s ready to share 28 years of business know-how with our global clients as both a business development associate and facilitator for Frontier Academy.

His experience working for some of the nation’s biggest consumer products companies has offered Doug valuable insight into the rapidly changing standards of corporate cultures. He’s got stories in spades—both good and bad—that he knows will resonate loudly with business leaders everywhere. There’s the time he landed a job in a city he loved, only to be transferred to a new city every few years. Or the story of his year spent working for a major manufacturer, only to find out it didn’t develop its employees the way he knew good companies ought to. And, of course, he’s got plenty of lessons learned from nearly 24 years of working for one company.

It’s this wisdom he’ll be sharing as he leads workshops and builds relationships of integrity and trust with potential clients from our Dallas office. Doug is an avid baseball enthusiast—specifically for his home state’s St. Louis Cardinals. He’s also something of an adventure junkie; there’s nothing quite like the rush he experiences after skydiving out a plane or snowmobiling his way across Colorado’s snowy plains. But if you ask Doug what his real job is, he'd tell you it's being the best father he can to his five kids.