Taylor Pilkington

Nothing inspires Taylor more than the hunt for an unexpected story, which is what makes him a natural fit as senior producer for Frontier Press. He knows that corporate communications get a bad rap—and he can’t think of anything more exciting than changing that tide. His approach? Make the familiar new or the new familiar by telling old tales in fresh ways and spinning surprising yarns to hook audiences.

Years of getting lost within the pages of our time’s greatest works have molded his own writing (and life, for that matter) to follow a single imperative: Create powerful storytelling that resonates with readers long after the final chapter is closed. He studied contemporary Brit lit at a small liberal arts college in Kentucky before embarking on a new journey: find a job in publishing. In New York City. In 2009.

He spent a week sleeping on a friend’s couch before landing at Oxford University Press in the academic textbook division. For nearly six years he sharpened his publishing skills—wrangling authors, developing editorial strategies, and researching subjects from sociology and gender studies to anthropology and the history of the Americas. When it was time to move on, he found himself at a regional magazine as the associate editor, perfecting the art of long-form narratives. (Ask him about the piece on Virginia’s horse racing industry. It’s one of his favorites and for good reason—he’s been to the Kentucky Derby no less than five times.)

When he’s not uncovering stories for our clients, he’s out there sourcing his own. On his nightstand now: Steinbeck’s East of Eden. A few issues of The Atlantic and Modern Farmer. But what’s really on the list for his next free moment? A leisurely walk through the park with his wife and young son.