Megan Herron

Few people have a knack for seeing the true potential of something while simultaneously knowing exactly what’s needed to make it happen. Then again, few people are like Megan. She’s what you’d call an aspirational realist, blending a pragmatic perspective with the soaring belief that design is utterly transformative. Her self-assured poise and no-frills worldly outlook is a byproduct of her formative years, which she spent traipsing the globe with her family as they relocated from one Army base to another. Fourteen times she has moved, and with each move came hard-earned lessons, namely: follow your intuition and appreciate what is fleeting.

Perhaps that’s why she has a near-obsession with realism and the act of connecting with a subject so intensely she can perfectly recreate it. As a fledgling artist, she was drawn to capturing the human spirt through portraiture before pivoting to graphic design—a medium she knows can change the world when done right. It’s with that directive in mind that she creates compelling publications and digital containers for Frontier Press, putting design to work for organizations looking to tell the stories of its people one by one.

Other obsessions keeping her busy these days? Dropping in teal or yellow (her current color picks) wherever she can. Scouring local antique shops for pieces that need a bit of TLC. And planning her next adventure in Europe, where she once biked 60 miles from the hills of Horn, Austria to the Czech Republic border and back.