How to hustle with all you’ve got, according to Alexis: Grow up with a lifelong passion for all things drama and music. Study theater and devour acting, playwriting, set design, directing, and costume design classes. Four days after graduation, move to New York City and spend two years sleeping on a bunkbed to pursue your acting dreams. Land a job as a production assistant while taking on as many side gigs as possible. (Nothing is off limits: dog walker, TV show extra, waitress, receptionist, fundraiser for the Brooklyn Academy of Music). Stop waiting for lightening to strike and instead create your own opportunity by directing and acting in the well-known play, Bachelorette—with the playwright’s blessing. After years of experience, realize (humbly) that you can make art anywhere, especially in Richmond’s burgeoning arts scene.

Vast as it is, her experience readied Alexis for the catch-all job of Frontier Media’s production coordinator, where daily she wrangles fast-approaching deadlines and frenzied film sets to tell our client’s stories. Lucky for us, she’s got the creative buzz and problem-solving chops to make the magic happen.

A recovering show choir kid who takes the Oscars very seriously, Alexis is drawn to strong communities and big casts; she helps run the city’s Greek Festival every year and considers herself a perpetual camp counselor with time spent teaching at camps of all sorts, from day to sleepaway, sports to wilderness, and of course her favorite, theater camps.