jason allen ashlock

Jason Allen Ashlock is Founding Partner of Frontier Press, the next-generation publishing unit of The Frontier Project.

In the early months of the global recession, when the publishing industry was anxious and contracting, Jason launched a literary firm from a standing start. In a few years, it had become a known industry force. He packaged books for Hall of Fame athletes and Oscar-winning actors, for Pulitzer nominees and Grammy winners, for indie film stars and fledgling novelists. In the process, he honed his skills in narrative design and product development, and then pivoted to a new mission: break the book out of its ghetto. Frontier Press is how he’s chipping away at the wall.

Splitting his time between Manhattan and Richmond, and straddling the worlds of artisanal print design and digital magic, Jason crafts immersive reading experiences that equip Frontier clients to learn, launch, and lead within their organizations and communities. An avid book historian, he tells audiences around the world that books remain the most efficient content delivery systems ever invented. An avid book futurist, he tells the same listeners that the best days of the book are just ahead: when the tools of its design, production and distribution are within the control of brands and individuals who can harness the book’s true potential to create connection. An avid book reader, he’ll foist his favorites on you whenever you ask (and even if you don’t).

Jason has been known to share his passion for books far and wide from the Frankfurt Book Fair to SxSW. Keep an eye on him online to see when he is coming to your town, and catch him there. You won't be disappointed.