jesica kim

Korean by family, Argentinian by birth, Rhode Islander by training, and Californian by choice, Jesica’s vision is kaleidoscopic.

Bringing her multitude of influences to bear on every iteration of every design project, Jesica is a walking proof point that diversity of perspective elevates performance.

RISD-trained in graphic and industrial design, Jesica invests in process: from idea to sketch to model to prototype and back again, clients see their projects emerge through smooth and steady evolution. Solving problems in context. Questioning the easy answer to get to the better discovery. Delivering an infographic that ignites understanding, a logo that elevates brand, a presentation that demands attention, a visual library that delights and instructs.

That deliverable is only part of the value Jesica surfaces. Seeing design as a fundamental human enterprise—relational, collaborative, a place where desire becomes satisfaction—Jesica infuses a sense of community and connection into all she creates. Hover near her orbit, and you’ll linger longer than you’d planned.