jess erwin

Behold: Jess Erwin, Guardian of the Frontier Experience, Joy Creator, Master of Structure, Protector of Creativity, The Oil in the Big Machine, Mortal Manifestation of Hustle in Our World.

That’s probably not how Jess would introduce herself to you. She’d say that she’s The Frontier Project’s Client Experience Manager; also known as The Glam Clam, a semi-professional synchronized swimmer with the River City Magnolias (she owns her own mermaid tail); mother of two cats, one puppy, and one chinchilla (Rupert, Feivel, Zelda, and Willow, respectively); a lover of dirty martinis and deep conversation.

It’s all true.

Jess really is the guardian of the Frontier experience—between point of sale and day-of delivery, she makes sure everyone (our clients and internal teams) has a seamless and enjoyable experience. Joy is one of her most important values, and she feels successful when she’s created it for others. She loves the hustle (“being the oil in the machine is where s*** really gets done,” she says)—she learned it as a floor director for Channel 8 News, and in the service industry. Jess studied photography and film in college, and she’s still appreciates good creative—now she’s devoted to providing the structure to get it done.

Her personal motto is “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” (She took it from a fortune cookie.) Jess is both. That’s what you’ll always get from Jess: structure, hustle, joy. Just try and keep up.