jonathan benjamin

A high-performance college athlete turned high-performance associate consultant, Jonathan—or, as we call him, JB—works from one tried-and-true play that rarely leaves him with a loss: never be conventional. Perhaps that’s why he’s found his niche venturing into the underbelly of our society’s largest subcultures so our clients are always a step ahead in their quest for product and market exploration. 

Of Guyanese descent by way of upstate New York, Jonathan landed at the University of Richmond’s Robins School of Business where he picked up his degree while also launching his own line of sports-inspired streetwear. He’s a problem-solver by nature, embracing equal parts immersive research and super sleuthing. Truly, it’s his job to know it all, and he does whatever it takes: monitoring the rapid-fire conversations that take place in the comments section of a Youtube video. Befriending a business-owner and inquiring about recent regulatory standards. Brokering a meeting between a 20-year-old prodigal video game developer and a group of 50-something engineers. Digging up the answers to all of our team’s tech issues.

He does all of this, of course, with the sort of assured, poised presence only possible for someone completely comfortable in his own skin. Abounding with contagious positive energy and never one to wait for perfection before putting a plan in action, he’s the teammate every group wants (and needs).