Katherine Schutt

When you find out Katherine is the Chief Content Officer for Frontier Press, it’s only natural to inquire about her favorite writing topic. But the answer’s likely to surprise you: She doesn’t have one.

Instead, Katherine relishes the process itself: Crafting an utterly enjoyable reading experience one finely tuned sentence at a time. Regardless of subject matter, her goal remains the same—don’t make readers work. Which means compelling messages delivered with care and clarity. 

Katherine focuses daily on words and deadlines, but she finds inspiration away from her laptop. Regular travels abroad—touring temples in Bhutan, practicing downward-facing dog in Costa Rica, riding elephants in Botswana—feed a natural curiosity that fuels her creative work. And weekend trips to the playground with her two young daughters deliver a sense of natural wonder that infuses her writing with energy and joy. 

Of course, like any good writer, she fills her free time with reading—Brigid Schulte for modern-day insights, Jane Austen for feel-good historical satire, and the occasional Rainbow Rowell young adult novel for a little teenage escapism.