katie lackey

Once, when Katie was working as a training and development coach for a national insurance firm, a salesman suggested she couldn’t possibly know what it takes to sell insurance—that it was like running a marathon and she would never understand. So Katie signed up for a marathon the next day, and she’s been running non-stop ever since. 

What most people consider full-throttle is a mere blip on Katie’s speedometer. Her contagious energy and unmatched drive fuel her work with Frontier Academy: she’s an invested partner, a dynamic facilitator and keynote speaker, and a mastermind when it comes to business development—she’s always on the hunt for our next great partnership.
Perhaps that’s because she operates from a place of continuous self-improvement, seeking new adventures that will challenge her worldview, pushing her to see the world through fresh perspectives. (Case in point? On a whim, she once packed her bags and moved to Australia, where she worked as a bar back and hotel maid for six months before running out of money and coming home.) To Katie, the unknown is thrilling, because that’s where opportunity for growth flourishes, and growth is what keeps businesses nimble, innovative, and relevant.
So she’s made it her life’s work to lead clients through the unknown, expertly guiding them through the hard questions: How can employees grow professionally and personally? How can a company grow its profits by investing in its team and connecting with its customers? And how can she—and Frontier—become a partner on that journey toward transformation? 

Just remember: whatever she asks of you, it’ll never be something she wouldn’t do herself.