kelly madigan beekman


With a career ranging from democratic institution building in Yemen to selling beer to the beautiful set in Manhattan Beach, CA, Kelly’s already packed a few careers into a relatively short lifespan.

Kelly holds a deep interest, near obsession, with the “why?” of human actions; she’s translating skills she developed studying the revolutions of the Arab Spring to the “why’s” of effective mediation and negotiation in corporate environments. A consultant with Frontier Envoy, Kelly’s days are spent coaching and supporting leaders who are seeking to respond to rapidly shifting economic, technological and social patterns, and partnering with them to build high-impact, high-return strategies for their stakeholders.

Kelly holds a BA in Philosophy and Theology from Boston College, and a graduate degree in Islamic Studies from the University of Chicago.  

Endlessly curious, Kelly's unafraid to guide clients through the hard conversations that lead to breakthrough insights and agreements.

And of course, occasionally, those conversations are over a cold craft beer.