Lauren taylor

From Greensboro, North Carolina to Lyon, France; from English teacher to buyer for a movie set decorator—one common thread weaves throughout Lauren’s stories: meeting new people. It’d be a bad cliché, except Lauren happens to embroider in her spare time when she’s not welcoming visitors as Frontier’s receptionist.

Lauren's time spent trotting the globe opened her eyes to the way other people live, think, and behave, and those unique experiences became the foundation for her warm, hospitable approach to life.

That gracious mindset, along with her sharp eye for detail and knack for organization, is why she remembered client birthdays while working for a small production company. It’s also how she charmed antique shop owners while scouting for movie set pieces, and how she’ll welcome all who pass through our doors. One thing is for sure—Lauren’s friendly disposition leaves an impression on all who meet her.