lucy Hogsed

Little known fact: Lucy spent time in front of the camera as an extra in movies and commercials while growing up. Lucky for us, the acting gig never took off; turns out she absolutely shines behind the scenes as Director of Operations for The Frontier Project. 

Armed with a charming yet ruthless edge, Lucy isn't afraid to get her hands dirty tackling unglamorous backstage tasks to ensure our team works fluidly and as one unit. Her innate ability to see both the big picture and notice the little details—a skill honed during previous roles in student recruitment at the No. 1 brand school in the country and talent acquisition for a global law firm—keeps Frontier ops humming.

Ask her what drives her unstoppable work ethic, and she'll tell you: Every single person, no matter their role, makes a difference to our company’s mission, and it’s her job to make sure each person has what they need to do their job well.

A Richmond native, Lucy’s had a front-row seat to the city's transformation into one of the country’s top cultural destinations. When she’s not overseeing daily operations at the studio, she’s perfecting the art of Southern cooking at home with her husband and their lovable dog, Norman.