Olivia Craig

There’s an intersection of fine art and visual communication, where tactical design becomes beautiful. This is where Olivia lives. As a graphic designer, she draws within the lines of one credo: design in such a way that it leaves the world a better place. Whether it’s boosting a local food bank’s donations by nearly 40% or bringing visibility to a women’s shelter, Olivia’s work captures the human element and reflects it back to her audience.

Her design is clean, minimalistic, and intentional; her artwork is experimental, messy, and vibrant. She's a paradox of our favorite sort. Open her sketchbook, and you’ll see both a garden of ink-and-paint doodles capturing the rhythmic beauty of flowers or a side-by-side detailed study of fish species. And she’s the type of person who will (fleetingly) convince you that you could do this too.

That same gusto shapes the rest of her world, which she likes to fill with her favorite things: Barbara Kruger’s typography-forward portfolio, volunteering to help rebuild homes for Hurricane Katrina victims, and botanical gardens (naturally).