suganthi kumareshan

Frontier’s Team Accountant, Suganthi Kumareshan’s job is better described as organizational fitness instructor.

From Sri Lanka to Richmond via Las Vegas and graduate school; speaking Tamil and Sinhala and English; aligning motherhood with graduate work and Frontier life — Suganthi’s sense of balance is masterful and contagious.

Elegantly regulating the swirling creative energy of the Frontier Studio with her unique blend of steadiness and vigilance, Suganthi anchors the company’s multi-directional efforts with stable systems and ardent support. Her talent for management matches her insight: a company’s growth is only as sustainable as its structures are healthy. Her daily infusion of discipline and accountability into the company’s records and reporting makes Suganthi part coach, part trainer, and part doctor–equipping Frontier to run faster, longer and harder for our clients.